Meet Michelle Olivia

Owner, Michelle Olivia Coaching

Throughout my former career, I have always had an overwhelming desire to help people. The need to give back into the lives of others just as I have been blessed to receive.

‚ÄčTransitioning to Coaching has made that dream possible. A way to use my training + experience to guide others along their path. Assisting clients to find more Peace, Passion and Purpose in their day-to-day lives.


COACHING CONVERSATIONS – These 30-minute workshops are helpful in improving your life + business in short, informative bursts! Topics include, Time Management, Social Media, Affirmations, Networking and MORE!

INDIVIDUAL INTENSIVES – 60-minute One-on-One Coaching Sessions that can assist you in gaining clarity on a specific area or situation. However, Intensives are no substitute for the benefits of building a consistent coaching relationship.

90-DAY TOTAL WELLNESS JOURNEY – This 12-week Personalized Coaching path is for the individual who is READY for a major life CHANGE! This program provides the consistent support + accountability for you to achieve meaningful + lasting life changes. Together, over the course of 12 weekly 45-minute sessions, we will design YOUR unique path to Total Well-Being!


-Competent Communicator, Toastmasters International, 2018

Education and Certifications

-Life Coach Training, Life Coach Training Institute, 2016
-Wellness Coaching, UNCG Health Coach Training, 2018
-Health Coach Certification, Health Coaching Institute, 2019

Contact Information
(757) 535-0245

Meet Karen Hurd

Owner, WomanWise

We are swamped with information and health products – and yet we are sicker and weigh more than our grandmothers did. I was able to get off of a lifetime of prescription meds despite life defining allergies and multiple health issues. For over 20 years, I have helped people become their healthiest selves no matter what their health history has been. You can have an abundantly healthy life!

Services Offered
  • Personalized whole body nutrition
  • Wellness education & coaching
  • Free wellness resource site – expert advice
  • Shaklee Nutritional & herbal supplements, sports nutrition, protein, weight loss, anti-aging skin care, organic home care
  • Member discounts, free shipping & more
  • Business partnerships
contact information
(757) 672-1072

Meet Kimberly Erick

Owner, Home Time Business Services, LLC

I started my firm because of the desire to help business owners truly improve their home time. No one goes into business thinking about all the back housework like bookkeeping and taxes. They have a passion for what they do and want to share that with others. I have a passion for numbers and have found out that I really enjoy finding legal ways to pay fewer taxes!

I have chosen to niche in the transportation industry, because frankly it benefits my household. My husband owns a small trucking fleet and so I understand the business from an owner’s side as well as from the bookkeeper’s side and tax preparer’s side.

I will also consider service based businesses to assist with ongoing bookkeeping. I do not discriminated business types for tax services.

Services Offered

Bookkeeping – monthly or quarterly – software training with Ask a Bookkeeper retainer for the DIYer – mainly for trucking companies and service based companies

Taxes – Tax preparation and Tax Planning – both business and personal returns

Consulting/Advisory Services – deeper look into your business finances, business education (Should I start a business, how to start successfully, entity selection, reading financial statements, cash flow, banking, risk management, time management)

Money Guide – a 4 step process for improving your personal financial picture

Payroll – full service third party assisted payroll – we use an third party application and they take all the liability for filing timely forms


Client referrals and testimonies are so much better than awards! I haven’t tried for any in my current business. But, I was named First Team All American for Softball when in college as well as several other awards.

Education and Certifications
  • MPA – Master of Public Administration (concentration in budget and finance management)
  • Digital Bookkeeper Association – Lifetime Charter Member
  • Xero Certified Bronze Partner
  • Registered Tax Planner
  • Money Guide
  • Gusto Partner (payroll)
  • Patriotsoftware certified (payroll)
  • QBO Proadvisor (formerly) I have let this go, ask me why
Contact Information
(716) 413-1311